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Salmon starter


salmon mi cuit beetroot

Salmon confit starter


Here is a really delicious little dish. The Salmon is confit in olive oil with spices. Which as the Confit process is a low and slow cooking method allows the flavours to infuse into wonderfully soft “just cooked” flesh.

The warm spicy flavours of the salmon is offset with earthy notes of beetroot salad underneath. Radishes are cut and seasoned with sherry vinegar giving them a lovely sharpness, adding to their crispness. Nasturtium flowers and leaves add a slightly peppery notes whilst the pea shoots add a light and zingy freshness to lift the whole dish.  A grating of fresh horseradish root gives the plate a little bit of heat and kick whilst cutting through the fatness of the fish.

A simple and quick to put together starter for those fancy dinner parties. Spices to use in your Confit oil that work well are star anise, cinnamon and vanilla bean.

Sample Menu

Here is a small sample menu of some of the type of dishes that you could expect from me: Not strictly seasonal as this is only a demo menu, however seasonality  plays a huge part in influencing my cooking.



Pancetta and Country Vegetable Soup with Crusty Roll

Salmon Mi-Cuit with Beetroot Puree, Horseradish Sauce and Sautéed Cabbage


Flageolet puree, Roast Rump of Lamb, Balsamic jus and Fondant Potato

Mushroom Risotto, Roast Chicken

Pork Belly, Cavolo Nero, Salsa Verde, Potatoes

Tamarind and Coconut Plaice

Cod, Laksa, Chorizo Crumb


Almond and Elderflower Syrup Cake with Mascarpone and Pistachio

Ile Flottant

Glazed Lemon Tart, Creme Fraiche