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Callum Naismith Personal Chef

My name is Callum Naismith, and I am a fully qualified and classically trained chef with a Cordon Bleu Diploma, Level 4 in Culinary Arts and of course my food hygiene.

Having an interest in cooking from a teen I cooked a lot at home and managed to teach my self a fair few of the basics before deciding that being a chef was definitely for me.

I then attended Tante Marie Culinary Academy, where I enrolled on a full Cordon Bleu Diploma with a Level 4 in Culinary Arts. After a years training from fine teachers I graduated with a Credit and Distinction in the practical and theoretical sides of cookery respectively. My year at Tante Marie was one of the best years so far, having tremendous fun in a superb atmosphere, cooking great food with great people.

After culinary Academy, finishing with a Distinction and a Credit, I went to Gascony in France where I cooked in a Michelin Starred Restaurant. The restaurant, La Table Des Cordeliers was in a small village not too far away from Toulouse but was certainly in the heart of the Gascon countryside. Eric Sampietro the head chef and owner was really an inspiration, and treated and nurtured his young chefs amazingly well. I had a lot of fun and really learnt a lot about French cuisine with lighter touches, simplicity and an emphasis on quality cooking.

After returning from France I followed my love for horses and polo and moved to Berkshire to play professional polo, whilst also training horses, managing a polo yard and keeping 17 polo horses in one piece through an entire season!

After a years break from cooking, I decided to go back to my passion. I have also cooked in various Michelin restaurant and catering establishments along the way as well as Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir.

Food for me was not always the obvious option. From a young age I always dreamed I was going to be an Army Officer. However after a trip to New Zealand I decided that I wanted to become a chef with an emphasis on nature and the natural environment and taking inspiration from the world around me.

I have an interest in everything to do with nature and cooking from gardening, growing, bee keeping, harvesting, preserving, building and the sourcing and shopping for those all important ingredients!

Callum Naismith Personal Chef Tuition at Tante Marie

Learning The Art

In class at the world leading chef course and cookery school Tante Marie Culinary Academy, co-owned by Gordon Ramsay.

Callum has learned the art of being a first class chef in establishments owned by :

Gordon Ramsey

Raymond Blanc

Eric Sampietro

Galton Blackiston