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Callum Naismith Personal Chef

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Callum Naismith

A fully qualified, classically trained chef with a Cordon Bleu Diploma, Level 4 in Culinary Arts now based in Norfolk.

Callum has gained his experience working in Michelin starred restaurants and his passion is helping others to enjoy first class food and cooking.

Personal Chef

Having a dinner party or organising a function and need a top class chef to cook for you at home in Norfolk or Suffolk, look no further.

Callum will take all the stress out of your occasion by helping set the menu, getting the shopping in and cooking a fantastic meal for you and your guests to enjoy.

Cooking Tuition

Cooking tuition from £25 per hour per person!!

Either individually or in small groups, sessions are tailored to your needs so you learn the key cooking skills you need to.

Artisan Food

To complement the Classic cooking style featured on this website we can offer contemporary Artisan food and have an alternative website to explore this option.

artisan food cookery website link